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You can mix it with soda, water or your favorite drink. Use your imagination. We recommend carbonated mineral water, served cold. When using carbonated drinks be careful, it might get fizzy.

Each stix makes 8.4fl oz (250ml) of Energy Drink, the same as a regular energy drink can.

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CAFFEINE (It wakes you up)

Mental and Physical estimulant. Improves your concentration, restores alertness and reaction speed.

TAURINE (Stimulant)

It improves your cardiac function, improving excersises stamina. It also is a nervous system stimulant, which improves your cognitive performance.

B Complex Vitamins (They help to mantain your energy)

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What is Turbo Energy?

Basically, is an powder instant energy drink mix. Turbo Energy is Caffeine + Taurine + B complex Vitamins + sugar free + low calorie (4 calories per serving).

Why a powder instant energy drink?

Well we thought it was a good idea: It's cheaper, you can store in your pocket, it never gets warm and all you need is water. It is a high quality product, with the same taste and flavor of an traditional energy drink in a can.

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We won't say that with this product you will be able to party 5 days in a row like James does, or that you will be able to drive 2000 miles without sleeping, even though Mike guarantees you can...we also won't tell that you will study so concentrated that you will get the best score on your quantum mechanics exam and feel the rhino's energy on your veins.

We won't tell you that. Let's face it, if you don't have enough energy for partying, you are studying or working too much, and if you woke up in an unknown place with someone you don't remember...well, you probably need answers and not this product.

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